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Another Sunday: four out of the five people in town with keys to this office are sitting at their desks.

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… gonna work through my great-grandpas war letters again. no glorifying at all. just trying to get a glimpse into soldier’s life during that war and into a person’s mind that I never got know. there are many things to be discovered. but it’s very hard to decipher his handwriting, that will take a lot of time. it’s also moving because he fought in Ukraine in WW2 and it’s like some very weird connection with all what’s happening these days.

I don’t have anything like that (and not sure I’d be ready for something like that either), but I prompted my grandmother to talk about her youth in that time. It’s very telling how the striking things, such as her nearly getting hit by a stray bullet, were only mentioned as a side detail in amongst stories of ordinary life.
I’m also reading a book called ‘Blow on a Dead Man’s Embers’ by Mari Strachan at the moment that I found in a charity shop on Friday and tells the tale of the wife of a Welsh soldier who returned from war much changed and how she struggles to get her husband back.

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