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I wanted to share with you our Serbian traditional way of dying Easter eggs - no artificial colors or dyes needed.

Put any leaves you like on the surface of the egg and carefully place them in a stocking. Boil these eggs in water full of onion skins. The result are beautiful, earthly colors and interesting patterns. 

You can also use beetroot (for red) and spinach (green). It’s not (only) a Serbian tradition.

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After having sewn a pair of lovely brocade trousers with my new sewing machine a week ago, I wanted to use Easter Sunday to start into a nice black jersey top. Unfortunately, the machine stopped working halfway through. :( Why do I always have such issues with sewing machines? I swear I’m treating them well.

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has anyones crush ever actually worked out for them or is that a myth

Yes it has. However, the question is how you manage to deal with the transition from the perfect person in your imagination (a severe crush, in my opinion, heightens certain aspects in a person that you find very appealing and overlooks/re-interpretes others that would usually bother you) to the real person with all its quirks when the routine of daily life sets in…

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